Ticket Information


Where do I park?
Guests are not permitted to drive their personal vehicles onto the island, shuttle service is provided from two downtown Detroit locations. Please reference the transportation plan located on our website closer to the event date.

Are the shuttle vehicles wheelchair accessible?
Wheelchair accessible vans have been contracted for the sole purpose of transporting guests with disabilities who are unable to access shuttle buses or must be transported in wheelchairs. Each van holds two wheelchairs and two companions.

How often do the wheelchair accessible shuttles run?
The wheelchair accessible vans will be deployed on demand to the authorized parking locations in downtown Detroit when the request is received from the lot attendant.

What if I need assistance once I arrive at Belle Isle?
We want your experience to be as stress-free as possible; our Accessibility Ambassadors will meet guests as they arrive on the island. Any medical requirements, shelter need or additional assistance including transportation to seats should be discussed at that time.

Is there wheelchair accessible seating?
Reserved Seat Grandstands 1 and 2, and General Admission Grandstand 5 are all accessible by wheelchair.

What if I am not in a wheelchair but I am unable to easily climb stairs?
Purchasing "wheelchair accessible seating" does not require the guest to be in a wheelchair; however the seating area is reserved for guests who have difficulty climbing stairs. The seating is accessed by a ramp on the side of the graqndstand and padded folding chairs are provided on the flat platform located in the dront of the grandstand.

How will I get to my seat location? What if I have a hospitality guest pass?
Grandstands 2 ticketholders and Front Stretch Chalet guests can proceed to their seat locations once they proceed through the admission gate; these seat locations are in fairly close proximity to the gate.

Getting to Grandstand 1 and the Trackside Chalets require crossing over the track, which can only be done when there is no on-track activity. From the shuttle drop-off location, proceed to the Accessibility Ambassador tent for instructions on how to proceed to these seat locations. 

Where can I find shelter?
There are five dedicated shelters available on the island in addition to the island’s existing shelters where shade, water and wheelchair accessible restrooms are available.

Is the entire venue wheelchair accessible?
The entire venue is wheelchair accessible, and pathways are primarily concrete or asphalt, however some pathways have ramps and depending on the weather may be a bit challenging. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please seek assistance from a volunteer. Be sure to allow extra time if you will be crossing over the track.

Where can I find a wheelchair accessible restroom?
There are several wheelchair accessible restrooms located throughout the venue. The accessible restrooms are located:
 - By Turn 2 and Grandstand 2 on the outside of the track
 - On the outside of the track between the Chevrolet Bridge and track crossing
 - On the inside of the track between the Chevrolet Bridge and track crossing
 - On the inside of the track in the Paddock, near Turn 8
 - In the Riverside Chalet, near Turn 8

When I am ready to leave the venue, how do I get the wheelchair accessible van to pick me up?

When exiting the venue, head towards the Mac Arthur Bridge, stay to the left. Wheelchair accessible vans will be waiting near the Accessibility Ambassador tent.